Change city list in profile to include those without completed streets

The “rule” is currently that a city doesn’t get added to your list in your profile page until you’ve completed at least one street.
There’s no “city cleanup” code, so it is possible that a city is updated from changes in OpenStreetMap in a way that leave you with a 0-street city in your list.

I’m reconsidering this after some conversation in Part of a city done but not being acknowledged by CS …specifically this point:

I’m strongly considering changing this “rule” to list cities in your profile page where you have progressed at least one street. This will change a few things:

  • A lot of people’s city count will increase
  • The list of cities will include a lot of 0% progressed cities
  • Along the same reasoning, the list of cities will include a lot of e.g. “0 of 1839 streets completed” entries

That may be confusing, but I think it’s overall more accurate.


For what it’s worth, I seem to currently have 17 cities in progress with 0 completed streets, so the system wasn’t working perfectly to begin with. (perhaps they had a street and lost it after an update?)

Thank you so much for this great idea. I hope people vote for it! :star_struck:

Thanks, I’ve updated the initial post to reflect how it is possible for data to be modified in a way that results in a 0-street city.

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