Part of a city done but not being acknowledged by CS

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Hello, can I please have some help? I have been importing some older runs and I noticed that although I completed part of Oak Harbor, WA, USA, it is not showing up in my Cities in progress and when I go to that activity, all the nodes are blue instead of showing purple that are done and red that have yet to be done. In the activity, it says 19 Progressed. Here is the link to the activity in question: Melanie Hevel-Olson's activity on July 24, 2010 - CityStrides.

I apologize if this sort of thing is already a known issue and I could’ve posted it in a thread about this issue. I scanned the list of topics and didn’t see any titles that seemed to match. Please let me know if you need any further information from me.

Thank you!

Cities where you have no completed streets will not show up in your “Cities in progress”. You have to have at least one completed street

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Hans, thank you for responding. This cannot be right, or at least if it is, it’s glitchy. I have three cities in my Cities in progress with zero completed streets. Now if that’s somehow not right, I hate to draw attention to this fact for fear that they’ll be “taken away” from me, especially because two of them are particularly important/sentimental to me and there’s a good chance I’ll never be there again. But I feel I must point it out since it does not match with what you said. I really, really hope I am not putting myself in a position of having those taken away from me. Rather I think all cities-in-progress should show in “Cities in progress,” even if they don’t have any fully-completed streets.

Hmm, I see that you’re right, I also have a couple of cities at the bottom of my list with 0 completed streets… I remember this has been discussed before, I think at some stage these zero cities were supposed to be removed, but maybe this was changed again. But in that case why is your Oak Harbour missing…? @JamesChevalier ?

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The “rule” is definitely that your list of cities only include those where you’ve completed at least one street.
I believe there’s a situation where cities without any completed streets can end up in your list. Here’s a made up example scenario:

  • You complete one street in a city
  • That city gets added to your list
  • The city gets updated from changes in OpenStreetMap
  • That update changes the street you completed somehow (either entirely removing it, or adding nodes to it, etc) which results in you not having completed it
  • There’s no “city cleanup” code, so that “0 completed streets” city remains in your list

This raises a good point that I’ve added to #ideas

Give that post an upvote if you like the idea, and feel free to add reply in that thread if you have further thoughts on the idea.

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@JamesChevalier and @hans1 , thank you for your replies! James, thank you for making this new idea that you added to #ideas ! Very much appreciated! :blush: