Can I sync single Strava activities with Strava paused?

I paused Strava and switched to Garmin sync back in the Strava bad API days. Now with Garmin down, I manually uploaded a file to Strava and then Queued that single activity to CityStrides. Status says processing time is fast, so I expected to see the activity in CityStrides, but not. Do I need to Un-Pause Strava?

Made sense to me that I should try unpausing. What could go wrong? So I tried it. I paused Garmin and unpaused Strava. Now to see what happens. :slight_smile:

Yeah you have to unpause to do a single activity sync

I don’t know that you needed to pause Garmin.
I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you remember to revert things after all this is over.

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Do I need to revert things? I only went to Garmin because of the Strava API issues. If those are fixed, maybe I just stick with Strava now?

:man_shrugging: the Garmin sync is typically faster but if the Strava connection works for you then it sounds good enough :smiley:

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Had no idea Garmin has been down for this long… I just posted about it here: down