Boundary for city has changed

I know the process is a manual one, I think, and @JamesChevalier needs to kick it off…

But I was wondering if there is a specific/desired procedure to let James know?

The city of Granbury, Texas - CityStrides has incorporated more area for a new subdivision, and roads.

I have made the changes at [OSM].

What is the preferred way to request a boundary update?

Thanks, Eric

PS. I will attempt to update the WiKi with the info… Maybe here Adding a City to OpenStreetMap ?

Thank you!

Hi @JamesChevalier. I just found out that many of the municipalities in my county merged in 2020, including the one that I am running. Some are just one municipality joining another, while others is a merger with new names. In total, the number of municipalities went from 48 to 38. Would it possible to get these updated CityStrides?

List of updates (cities in CityStrides → new OSM relation):

I’ve got these updates going through now … it’ll take some time for borders to update & everything to be reprocessed. These were some big merges! :sweat_smile:

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Perfect! Seems to be processed completely now. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi @JamesChevalier the boundary for this city has been updated in OSM

Can this be queued up in CS?


Can the below borders please be updated in CS:

Thank you.

Can you share the links to the CityStrides pages, please? I unfortunately don’t have the time to search them out.

thank you…