Discrepancy in city borders

Does this include areas that should be included in a city and are not? I’m not sure if that should be added to the missing cities tracker or if I should be taking other action.
For example:

These are giant chunks of Northern VA. How should I proceed to get these added for tracking?

In OpenStreetMap, you can zoom in close … right click … Query features → this will update the left column & at the bottom it will display the list of Relation records that enclose what you right clicked

I often do this to figure out which street a city is in

Your Cooktown node link is interesting, because right clicking any of the three visible cities & choosing Query features results in it showing me that the streets all exist in Herndon

On the other hand, right clicking Kinross Circle shows me that it’s not in any city - just the county.
This is a typical issue where cities don’t exist in OpenStreetMap. Adding a City to OpenStreetMap is quite a process

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This is the normal state of affairs in Maryland and Virginia - lots of unincorporated areas that aren’t part of a city or town. You have to use CDPs strategically to make the game work.

Ok. Really appreciate the details. I’ll see if adding a city is something I can pull off. Or if I can find someone experienced willing to do it if I Venmo them. :wink:

It does look like “Dranesville” is a Census Designated Place so that’s at least a start. I just need to dig into whether that boundary overlaps with Herndon as that would complicate it more.

I’ve already run 90% of these streets anticipating that it would get corrected at some point so I have extra incentive to get it into CS.