Blocked from getting all of the nodes

For Wedgewood Drive, the remanding node that I have shows a small road, but that is a driveway for a home and might be trespassing to get all of the nodes. Would it be possible to remove or just simply complete? You can see my past run in the area to see what I mean about how the street is laid out.

For Ruby Avenue in Butler, WI there is a gate or a business at the end of the street that prevents from getting the remaining node. You can see my past run where it ends. Can the remaining node be removed or just complete?

This sounds like a great opportunity to make the appropriate edits in OpenStreetMap.

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Jim, Is this something I need to do? O also found today that Kilbourn St on Wauwatosa is actually an alley and does not have a street sign. It may have been a street years ago
Also, there is another street in Wauwatosa, WI called Private drive that has a gate because there is a power plant there. The main road is accessible and myself and friends that have 99 percent have run the access road but blocked by the gate to the power plant.

Thank you

go to and create a personal account. klik on edit openstreetmaps and follow the tutorial. It sounds like you only need to tag a node as ‘gate’ and the private section of the street tagged as ‘private’. The next time James updates citystrides with the latest changes in openstreetmaps, the node you cannot reach now, will be gone.

For the time being you could decide to flag the street manually as completed, since after changing OSM, you know sooner or later that node will be gone from citystrides anyway


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Is this still the best way to deal with inaccessible nodes (such as private roads). I beleive I saw some discussion on Twitter about changes to the way that the citystrides map data is managed, and I got the impression that that this may no longer be appropriate? Thanks!

Everyone I know (we have a local FB group) just marks them as manually completed. A couple of peeps will adjust OSM but frankly I’m not going to bother until James actually is pulling this data in on a regular basis which might be a very long time from now. Most of us attempt to run down private roads unless they are fenced off or actually say no trespassing. It all depends on your comfort level. Tresmapping can be a bit exhilarating at times lol. I usually draw the line if its going to be creepy or dangerous for me to do it. One street was actually someones driveway, but the only way to get it was to run to the end of the driveway which was behind their house. That was a big no go for me, I know I certainly wouldnt want someone running behind my house!


A friend of my suggested i should run around with some take away menus as an excuse.

“Ohhh, hello sir. That is a very nice shotgun you have there. Was just looking for your mailbox”


I agree! In London there are quite a few ‘private roads’ that are cul-de-sacs, i.e. they serve as a ‘shared driveway’ for multiple properties. There’s nothing to stop you running, and as long as you don’t actually step up on to someone else’s property it isn’t a big deal.

The one’s that are more annoying are those where there is a security gate blocking the access road entirely. In those cases, unless you happen to be passing when it is open to allow access to vehicles or residents, there’s no practical way to get physical access. In which case, I think it is fine to mark as ‘manually complete’. To me, that’s less satisfying than having the underlying map data edited to remove even the option of hitting those nodes, but I won’t feel too bad about ‘fudging the data’ like this, if it is tghe generally accepted solution!

Thanks all :slight_smile: