Additional Categories for CityStrides Forum

Seeing the new “Preview Programs” section has got me thinking about other categories that may be useful to have.

Two that came to mind:

  1. Philosophies of CS: a specific part of the forum to discuss semantic or opinion-based topics that keep cropping up elsewhere

    • What does it mean to “complete a street”?
    • Are runs and walks part of a spectrum of foot-powered locomotion or are they meaningfully distinct activities?
    • Why are we all interested in painting purple squiggles in our cities? :thinking:
  2. How CS Works: an area to ask questions about how current features and site design work (instead of forward-looking like #ideas or bug-fixing like #support). This would be helpful for new users trying to get up to speed on navigating the site and may also reduce the amount of time Jim needs to spend explaining things multiple times.

I recognize that both of these are embedded in the existing categories and that it would be impossible to be mutually exclusive. What do others Striders think about these additional categories?

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