Add a Wiki category here in the forum

I can add a new category to this forum named “Wiki”, where every post into that category is automatically set to a wiki type post.

Together, we could build out a more readable collection of posts that explain things like getting the most out of CityStrides / vocabulary / links to OSM guides / how to do certain things … :man_shrugging: stuff.

Do you want this?
Would you contribute to it?
Is searching/browsing the forum working just fine for you as it is?

I think it would be helpful, and I would contribute to it. Usually the search works for me, but it does often take me a few tries to get the right search terms to find what I was looking for.

I think this is a great idea, a lot of general info gets buried in problem-specific posts and is hard to find

I’d give this more votes if I could. The “how to change your username on the Forums” post and a “how to check the activity processing status and what does it mean?” post seem like great candidates.

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I was thinking that as I posted the username topic :smile:

I think I’m going to add this category next time I get a chance, along with another category - similar to #ideas - that’s specifically to suggest new Achievements/Badges (taking a cue from how Untappd handles this) … maybe we’ll have a pile of Achievements ready by the time I build out the feature…

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This is done:

All posts in that category are wiki by default. If a post is created in there not as a wiki, for some reason, I’ll change it.
Even the pinned About the Wiki category post is a wiki.

Happy editing! :tada: :pencil2:

Wow, this is great! Thanks @JamesChevalier

I just submitted my first go at a Wiki post. Thanks, @JamesChevalier!