Activity not showing on LifeMap

I completed a run over an hour ago which CityStrides has processed, but the newly completed streets are not appearing on my LifeMap. I tried clearing cache, but that did not help. Is there now a delay from when a new run is processed till when it appears on the map?

Thank you…


I’m glad it isn’t just me. I’m close to completing my first city. Hopefully this can be resolved.

Same issue here…lie map hasn’t updated now for several days…missing from January 22 up to today

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Same problem here - missing my streets from Friday and Sunday on LifeMap.

Same problem here! My last 3? Runs are not showing up.

Hi, I see my Lifemap is not complete. My last 3? runs are not showing up. I alreasy tried to delete them and upload new. But still no show up? I checked on different devices and browsers.

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I have the same problem, activities from yesterday and today are on my profile page, out not on my lifemap. I tried a different browser and shift refresh, still the same problem.
Any advise on what to try next?

I think this is all related to the recent update that was pushed a couple weeks ago - I’m still having a lot of issues with map updates. Activities are syncing but nothing is displaying on any of the maps.

My lifemap is not showing any activities. Not old ones or new ones. The issue occurs on both my phone and on my laptop.

Mine too and my friend has the same issue! It was visible last week but vanished some time around 22nd/23rd January. I can’t view it on any device (phone, ipad or laptop) although it’s uploading activities and calculating number of streets complete.

I have a walking activity in Washington D.C. that shows on my activity feed, but not on the life map. I’ve refreshed the page several times, including holding down as I do it (a tip I saw in another thread). Any suggestions on how to make it show on the Life Map?

Hiya, my activities from yesterday and today 21st and 22nd Jan 22 are both showing on my profile but not my life map. I’ve tried the obvious things like logging in/out and trying a different browser but they’re still not showing on the map. Any help appreciated!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I have an activity from a couple of days ago that is correctly listed on my profile, but it is not showing on my lifemap. It seems the same issue as the previous reply.
This is my profile: Davide - CityStrides
And this is the activity: Davide's activity on January 21, 2022 - CityStrides

Edit: I just noticed that in my test map (/map_test) the missing route is showing correctly.


Hi, I have the same issue as the two striders above: run are included in my profile and completed streets, but not in my life map. Any support is highly appreciated! Elly Stroo Cloeck's Map View - CityStrides

I have he same issue as users above, the activity from yesterday shows up on my profile, but not on the LifeMap.
Kuba Hu - CityStrides - my profile
CityStrides - the activity

Thank you!

I tracked a new activity after writing my previous message, and now the missing one appeared alongside the new one.
So everything is fine for me now!


Along with a few posters above, I’m not seeing new runs show up on my LifeMap, though they show up on my profile. This may have been going on for slightly longer, but yesterday (22-Jan-2022) and today I ran in new places, and didn’t see them on the Life Map.

Also, for the past several days, if I try to get a detailed map of a city, no runs (no runs at all) are shown.

Profile: David Kenney - CityStrides

I am the same as a few others and found my latest run hasn’t synced\sunk\sanked? to my Lifemap

I will go out for a run later today so hopefully it magically fixes itself

Same here, yesterdays run doesn’t show up on the LifeMap and the percentage of streets in my city doesn’t update, the run shows up in my profile.

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Profile page: Mike Ryan - CityStrides