Activities not syncing from MapMyFitness

Hi James, is it possible that the update broke access to mapmyfitness accounts? My activities (user 2618) stopped uploading on Dec 23 after only 1 of my 7 runs uploaded and have not seen my Dec 24th run either. I’ve logged out/in several times and restarted the mapmyfitness activity tracker, but have not had success. Thx for any help you can provide.

Update: eventually my Dec 24 activity appeared and every run from Dec 25 has uploaded normally, but I’m missing the 6 other runs from Dec 23. Processing issue?

Last update: I editted each activity in MapMyRun and added a comment. I then synced my account on CityStrides and the activities appeared quickly. Never had that happen but it worked.

I’m having the same issue. Can anyone advise me how to get this fixed?

I believe this is fixed from Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities but please do share your profile link if you’re still missing activities.