"a problem repeatedly occured" error on LifeMap

Think I’m getting the same issue; on the browser no activity history at all on the life map and then on the phone it appears for a second and then gives the error message:
“a problem repeatedly occured on …” then a blank screens.

You don’t need to use the test version any more. The non-supporter LifeMap is converted to use this by default.

It sounds like the “too much data” issue that I was hoping this new version would fix.
I can view your LifeMap - it’s displaying all your activities for me. Is it still not displaying for you?

What device are you using that results in the error?

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Thought I’d try both the orig and the test to make sure.
Using an iPhone safari browser right now and still occurring.
It shows the activities on the life map briefly then refreshes with no purple routes.
Then displays:

Lifemap working but not displaying activities at all using chrome on windows 10.