2 different streets count as 1

Today I finished the Buschweg in a Bonn (in Vilich-Müldorf). There is another Buschweg in Bonn (in Roetgen). Because of this other street with the same name the Buschweg I’ve done today doesn’t count as complete.
I guess that could happen a lot. Is there a way to change this?

Yeah, there’s a lot of talk about this around the forum if you want to read up on it - some good search terms are nested & duplicate street … these are probably the best places to start: Discussing 'nested' cities and Fixing street double count

It sounds like either one city isn’t entirely nested in the other, or it was just missed for some reason.
It would be easiest for me if you can share the links to those two cities. I can look into whether I can mark one as nested.

It’s this activity CityStrides and this city Jule Jacobs - CityStrides

You can see the streets are both in Bonn, Germany. But on different sides of the city.
Just read the threads you linked. Not sure I understand them correctly. But it sounds to me as if they talk about the opposite problem: one road counted twice. Here it’s two roads in the same city (but in different subcities if you will) thst are counted as one.

Yeah, so there are two streets named Buschweg in Bonn. Because OSM has no concept of streets, I had to figure out how to build that within CityStrides. I went with “each street is a collection of ways within a city that share the same name.” It doesn’t always work: Buschweg in Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen - CityStrides

One of the ways that I’ve worked around this is by including the ‘sub-cities’ for larger cities (when possible). A good example of this is Greater London, England - CityStrides where you can view the ‘Nested Cities’ tab & see a list of those ‘sub-cities’. This allows people to finish Abbeville Road in Greater London, England - CityStrides within each individual nested city: London Borough of Haringey, England - CityStrides and London Borough of Lambeth, England - CityStrides rather than having to finish both streets.