100% of nodes, but street is still marked as "Progressed"

One of the streets on my run is marked as “Progressed”, but when I go to the link for that specific street, it says I’ve completed 100% of it. Any thoughts on what I should do here? Thanks!

Activity: https://citystrides.com/activities/27951531
Street: https://citystrides.com/streets/297876

Based on the street page listing 13 nodes but a visual count only showing 11, I’d guess it’s a similar issue to one I had earlier this year. The tl;dr is that Mapbox updates faster/more frequently than the CityStrides street list, so while you can only see 11 nodes and you got them all, there are 2 more unattainable phantom nodes out there in purgatory until CityStrides updates. I’d mark it as manually complete for now and should resolve itself sometime this month, since the San Fran city page says it updated 4 weeks ago (cities update every ~6-8 weeks).

Hmm, I count 12 nodes, not 13. But a look in OSM shows this street has not been updated for six years, so it shouldn’t be an update timing issue?

Strange, now it looks as though it’s completed. Maybe there’s a scheduled task that re-evaluates what’s complete every so often? In any case, thanks everyone for your help!

That “street” probably shouldn’t be marked in a way that CS even ingests. It’s inside the zoo property which requires a paid ticket.

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@Marty I was wondering/thinking the same thing. Does not look like a "street ", at least not by OSM terms.

Inside a zoo or outside, a plaza is a street in OSM that is imported in CS and if not private, rightly so.
For instance this: Raadhuisplein in Heerlen, Limburg - CityStrides
is a plaza in public space and runnable, just not a line but an area.
her’s another one: Markt in Sittard-Geleen, Limburg - CityStrides

and runnable

I had a couple of streets and plazas inside the Stockholm zoo (Skansen), but I marked them as access=customers, which removes them from CS

Now I see that Alex Kamal just edited this plaza in OSM with tag fee=yes, but I don’t think this will make any difference, I think it must change access type. But I may be wrong…

I don’t see a “customers” option for access, but “private” seems appropriate, meaning one has to pay to access.

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It’s there, see Way: ‪Jetgatan‬ (‪656252720‬) | OpenStreetMap
When you edit go to the tags section, if there is an entry for access, change it to customers. If there is no such tag, add it with the + sign

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Is the zoo free? I don’t think there should be streets in CityStrides that one needs to pay to access. But maybe I’m wrong. Are toll roads in CityStrides? Typing on my phone and don’t have access to the OSM query CS uses to import streets. Are toll roads excluded?

Just found the query, toll roads are excluded, but I also see that fee=yes is indeed excluded, wasn’t aware of that.

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The zoo requires admission. I’ve updated the plaza on OSM. Thanks for the help, everyone!

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