Zero node streets in London

I’m seeing two streets with zero nodes in Camden, London, UK
Farringdon Road and Greville Place.
I’m using hard mode.
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Westminster, London, UK just updated and there’s a “created street” which has 0 nodes.
I dug a little and find it’s a street that runs along the border of Westminster (With Kensington & Chelsea I think) …and I have run it.

Providing links to the streets in question is going to help me a lot - it makes the difference between me reading a post and marking it unread while thinking “oh ok I’l have to go look into that when I get a chance” (and then never returning because Life™) vs immediately reviewing the data and potentially spotting a fix right away.

Sure, sorry, thanks for the reply.
One other thing is that these towns are nested in Greater London, which has caused weird artefacts in the past.

New one in Westminster:

Previous ones in Camden:

Some more info on thei locations:

Whittaker Street is only on the border between two regions [Westminster and “Kensington & Chelsea” I think]
Farringdon Road is a border of Camden & Islington, but also has part that is entirely within another town (Islington)
Greville Place is perpendicular to the border and has parts in Camden and Westminster [where there is no problem] (so presumably would only have a point on the border

I have noticed two streets without nodes after Prague has updated a few hours ago. Here they are, if they could help with debugging or potentially finding similarities:

And I’ve got two in the Brussels region, both on/crossing a border.

  1. Avenue des Nerviens - Nerviërslaan - CityStrides in Stad Brussel
  2. Avenue des Ménestrels - Menestrelenlaan / Avenue des Ménestrels - Minnezangerslaan - CityStrides in Molenbeek

Copying my message over from the water station chat:

West St. Paul (West St. Paul, Minnesota - CityStrides) was recently updated from OSM (3/23/23) and this street appeared which has 0 nodes: Mendota Road East - CityStrides.

I’m sitting at 151/152 streets, but still at 100%. I guess because 100% of the nodes are complete? I’m not super bothered by this, but I wanted to bring it up so you can look into what may have gone wrong. Maybe just a re-sync will fix it?

Here’s my profile link: Joey Ferguson is running West St. Paul, Minnesota - CityStrides Thanks!

Found my first one of these with a recent update too. Division Road - CityStrides just brushes the edge of Warwick, Rhode Island - CityStrides, made extra confusing by the fact that it transitions to Division Street - CityStrides and not a continuation of “road” (also happens to show up as one of those “manually completed” roads from a run dating back to 2019). Looked at it in OSM, but I don’t see anything that jumps out as fixable.

Just found one as well with the lastest round of updates for the city of Williston Park (NY).

The street in question is Macatee Place

I only found this since I previously had completed the city pre-update (03-26-2023). The street has zero nodes and doesn’t exist as a street in Williston Park.

It does exist as a street in the adjoining city of Mineola (which I had previously ran and have credit for it with 100% completion).

Unfortunately, I happened to find another Zero Node Street (Lakeville Road) in yesterday’s update (03-30-2023) for Queens, New York.

Unlike the previous one found in Williston Park, I am not sure where this one comes from.

I hope this helps and thanks for all your hardwork in running/maintaining Citystrides!

There are 7 streets in Southwark, London that have zero nodes after the recent update.

From recollection, I believe most if not all of them are private gated roads that I have marked as such on OSM

I’ve adjusted the order of some of the jobs for the city update … I think this will fix the issue & future updates will do any cleanup (though I did push through cities in this thread (hope I got them all) for a manual update).


Awesome new layout. I particularly like that each street now has the number of nodes shown on the list of complete or incomplete streets.

Williston Park is fixed and is now showing as 100% completed again. Thanks!

I see that Queens was updated as well, but currently still shows Lakeville Road with zero nodes as an incomplete street. This may, however, have to do with the city being large and will change soon enough. An update of that city in the past took a few hours. Will keep you updated, but overall Excellent work. Thanks again.

Queens just completed its update and Lakeville Road has been deleted. Thanks again James!

Confirming the recent update bumped that 0 node road out, thanks sir!

Oakland still has a zero node street after an update on 4/1: Haskell Street - CityStrides

Also, there were a bunch of new roads picked up that have the type “Jetway” in OSM that show up as runnable streets, but just appear to be the jet bridges for all the terminals in Oakland Airport.

Here’s an example of one: 14 Jetway - CityStrides

There’s 29 of these. Is it possible to just exclude “Jetway” from the imported street list?

See Boston, MA - Jetways

Found one zero mode street in Tacoma:

20th Street West

Great. Thanks very much. And nice to show the nodes on the ui.

Unfortunately Camden, London updated but still has those two 0 node streets