Boston, MA - Jetways

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Boston just updated today and all the Jetways at the airport are now listed as “streets”. All 108 of them by my count. Obviously very not runnable. It’s bad enough I had to “run” through the terminals to get those nodes!

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Sounds like OSM got some bad updates.

You shouldn’t be running through terminals to get nodes :laughing:

There are some very capable OSM editors around here, maybe they can help to get things tagged properly again.

I hope so. I’m usually pretty good about editing in OSM, but I have no clue what to edit to fix this issue.

It looks like all the “Jetway” ones already had a name 6 months ago, but back then were given access=customers, which excludes them from CS. The tag seems to have been recently removed. I think most of them would be “fixed” by Citystrides not adding streets with this tag: Tag:highway=corridor - OpenStreetMap Wiki (@JamesChevalier would need to update his overpass query then). Seems to be a tag used for indoor hallways, so my gut feeling says it should be fine to ignore. Alternatively, Tag:aeroway=jet_bridge - OpenStreetMap Wiki can probably be excluded without worry?

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Can we also exclude airport “terminals” to the list? They keep popping back up. JFK and Laguardia airport have 13 listed for Queens (NY).

Can you give a link to one?

Absoutely. Thanks for looking into this. The first one is for JFK airport and the second is for Laguardia. I can give more examples if it helps. They are attached to highways and some of them have been completed, but dangerous to do so. (Probably done by having a flight at that particular terminal and walking where you would get dropped off.)

I’ve added highway=corridor (already ignoring indoor=corridor) and aeorway=jet_bridge as ignored tags.

I’ll need help figuring out the tagging applied here that can be excluded… or what useful/relevant tagging can be added which can then be excluded

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Thanks James for looking into this. I am sorry to annouce that I am practically “computer illiterate” and do very basic OSM changes (marking streets private for driveways, etc.) Hopefully someone on these forums with a greater understanding can help. If not, I may have to book various flights and get dropped of at all these terminals :laughing:.