Wondering when city updates happen

James, is there a formal process for calling out changes on OSM? I was trying to look through the forum, but could not find it. I assumed CityStrides just pulls from OSM every so often for changes, but I made some changes a few days ago and they are not reflected on citystrides. They do not need to happen right away, but just want to make sure they will eventually get added.

If you have to do it manually, here are some cities to review and I tried to provide as many links as possible because I see you ask for those a lot (but I am not sure if these are good enough, sorry if they are not)

If there is a formal process I am sorry I missed it, but if there is not and you have to do it manually, I would suggest adding a category to the forum for it because I am sure you get a bunch of questions.

Thanks for everything!

Street updates happen automatically, the last update is shown on the city’s page.

New cities get added to CityStrides via How to help with missing/broken cities/regions. There is no admin_level cutoff, this is a manual process by James.

I see you edited the admin_level on Brunswick Hills Township, do you have a good reason for this besides “I want this place in CityStrides”? If not, then please do not do this and please revert your change. Admin levels have meaning, changing those numbers requires coordination with the local OSM community.

Awesome, thank you very much, I guess I never realized what that refresh thing meant, but makes sense now.

I guess I have seen all of that info to add a city, but I misread how it actually gets added. I will go through the sheet to add the city.

As far as editing the admin level on Brunswick Hills, I actually did some research on it and with lack of clarity on municipal vs civil townships in Ohio, I went through the definition list of what makes something one over the other and decided that Brunswick Hills better fit Admin 8… However, since questioning me, I did more research and was finally able to find that if Ohio has a Township, they are all Civil Townships. We actually have a clear cut rule that cities and villiages would be Admin 8 and any sort of township would be Admin 7. I will go back and change it as I do not need to have it changed for my own selfish CityStrides reasons.

Probably more information than needed, but hopefully helpful for other Ohio questions (there are some others out there that I will also respond to that ask about admin levels for Townships).

Thanks for the fast response.

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