Why is a Brooklyn street in the Manhattan map?

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I have completed 1-11 of the 12 Community Boards that makes up Manhattan. Yesterday Manhattan Community Board 1 (southern part of Manhattan plus some islands) became incomplete.

When I checked, it turns out that Pier 3 Plaza in Brooklyn has been registered as a Manhattan street. This is obviously wrong, according to both Wikipedia and the Pier 3 official website:

Brooklyn Bridge Park/Pier 3

Is there any way to fix the map? It is not a problem for me to run the nodes and recomplete the Manhattan Community Board 1, but it looks weird and wrong on the Manhattan map. See attached screenshot.


Other helpful links:

Because changing this would affect Manhattan & Brooklyn as well:

To be clear for anyone reading along - this is not an easy update in OSM and any decisions made here in this forum would very likely need to be reviewed by the greater OSM community before making the changes (e.g. their Slack community)

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Thanks for the links. As a rookie poster I was only allowed two links, my profile and the Brooklyn Park link.

Not just Manhattan and Brooklyn would be affected, but also New York County and Kings County at admin_level=6.

I have passed on the question to #local-nyc on the US OSM Slack, will see if there’s a response.


Such an interesting response!

Mxx: Yes, the original legal boundaries are something like “Manhattan extends into water until Brooklyn’s land”, and since Brooklyn Bridge Park and piers are built in water, technically it’s Manhattan

ke9tv: Technically it’s “Manhattan extends to the bulkhead line on the east side of the river” - the bulkhead line was the farthest line at which a landowner could put a pier without being charged with obstructing navigation. But it’s the bulkhead line as it stood in 1898. The expansions of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the Erie Terminal extended across the former line, but didn’t move the boundary.

Wow, indeed very interesting. Thank you!