Why are these nodes in CS?

I recently found some nodes in my city that are part of an abondoned railtrack and I wonder why they would make their way into CS, because there is no street/road/track whatsoever.

They are part of a longer way, which has a name, but is not tagged as highway. So they should not be fetched by the query. The whole way has many more nodes, that do not show up in CS. So why do these four do? The way itself was changed in OSM a month ago (after the last update from OSM to CS), but these nodes where not part of that change. Only the location of other nodes were changed.

Anyone an idea, why they are here?

Best, Inqu

I had made a short post about CS and OSM. But after reading your post again, it sounds like you have a good understanding of OSM and CS… So I deleted it.

There are others here with a better understanding of the CS/OSM relationship, so I will defer to them. :slight_smile:

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Well, I have some basic knowledge, because I am trying to correct wrong/inomplete data in osm. But with this one I don’t know if there is an error and if yes, what it is… So I guess, I need someone more knowledable in osm …

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Actually, I have even more “weird” errors, ways, that are tagged as highway=track and still show up in CS (no changes in years in osm)… can’t figure it out…

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Hi @JamesChevalier !
Sorry, to be so persistant with that one. I just wanna make the correct changes in OSM to prepare for the next city update. I just don’t understand, if there is a mistake at all. According to the query, they should not be in CS, given, that this (CityStrides Street Query - Google Sheets) is up to date?

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Which city are these nodes in?
I do store the OSM ID for each Node in my database, but I don’t index that field (so I can’t query it alone/directly). If I have a CityStrides city ID, I can build a query to collect all the nodes within that city - looking for one of these nodes. From there, I can trace it back up to which street it’s attached to.

You also had a question about the query Google Sheet - I just added a note to that explaining that the track line of the query isn’t currently included. I want to open up a fresh thread to reopen that discussion, since it’s causing some confusion.


Thanks for getting back to me! :slight_smile: The nodes belong to Braunschweig, Niedersachsen - CityStrides
They are the “street” CityStrides

Found the info about the track in another thread already. The only “problem” was, that I was not aware of the change. So I had a very long list of roads that I did not understand. Now I do. :smiley: Maybe other missed this change as well. I am ok with tracks being in CS. I like tracks. :wink: Not discussing the rules here, just want to understand them. Thanks a lot!

Hey, just to close this one: the nodes have disappeared with the last city update. Didn’t know why they were there, don’t know why they disappeared. They are gone, that’s great! Happy me. :partying_face: