Whole city nodes status


would it be possible to have a global view of green/red nodes on the city view? (not just stree by street)

that would help to determine which part of town could be prioritized for a run to try to achieve more :slight_smile:

Thanks! (and bravo for the job, citystrides really is awesome and a true motivation to get out runing no matter the weather!)


While I agree it would be good to see red nodes on the map, so you can complete streets that are already ‘completed’ (because of the 90% rule). I use my city map to see areas that need attention. If there are no purple lines in that area of the city then all of the nodes will be red!
It just gets more difficult when you’ve missed a street or two.

+1 vote to the ability to see all of the nodes in an area on the map. I have a ton of ideas that are then derivative of this feature for when James raises a series A and hires a team!

+1 vote from me as well.

Thanks for bumping this back up @rus.golden !

I’m pretty sure this request is covered by Node Hunter:

The basic idea of it is that you can go to your LifeMap page, and click the magnifying glass button in the map controls. This will place markers down on the map for all your uncompleted Nodes in view.

I’ve had to place this feature behind Monthly Contributor access because it increases some costs.

// @jeslefcourt @mikehaworth @bertrand.carlier

Thanks James, Node Hunter is exactly what I was looking for! I signed up for a subscription because of it.

Next we need a compass view with a distance and heading to the nearest red node. Ya give an inch… :wink:

Thanks a lot for all of your hard work on this. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to find new spots in the city!

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Tap the LifeMap Live button (kind of a crosshairs icon) just below the Node Hunter button (magnifying glass icon). That’ll ask to access your location & center yourself on the map…

There’s no distance/heading yet. :smile:

Thank you @JamesChevalier! I had seen the Node Hunter discussion thread but thought you had some issues with it… I just hadn’t realized the magnifying glass “search” icon was for Node Hunter… thought the cross hairs icon was and it would just sit and spin for me… anyway, I did correctly discover the Node Hunter feature late yesterday.

Now, just 1 associated request… would be nice to be able to click on a particular red node and determine the “street” it is linked to. This goes back to flagging unrunable streets/features. Besides my hometown, I also do quite a few of my runs in Kansas City and while the city as a whole is mammoth, I am mainly concentrating on the downtown area. It would probably take forever and a day to go through street by street to determine that, but if while using Node Hunter and can easily spot them, that would help with flagging those.