Where are my cities in progress?

I used to be able to find each discrete city I’ve been running by clicking on cities (on the right side menu—not the total cities for all Striders on the left). Now that doesn’t work and I cannot figure out how to locate them. Any help
Is appreciated! Happy running!

Did you notice the new set of tabs above the activities listed on your profile page? One of the tabs is a squiggly up line - an icon used throughout the site indicating “progressed” things, like streets. Go into that tab & you’ll see your list of cities.

I honestly can’t recall any "cities’ entry in the top right menu, though … Maybe you’re not referring to the very top right menu that you open via your avatar.

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Thanks. Now I’ve got it! I wish it was easier to find. But maybe that’s just me. I prefer the way it was before, when tapping Cities would take me there.