When is a street completed

I Run with a colleague, so we cover a number of streets together. However a few of hers are showing as all nodes are green, but the street is incomplete. How is this? I though turning all nodes green, means street was complete?

See Crown way here and also dogfield.

One thing that might be happening is that I think when you look at another person’s lifemap or run, and you see nodes, the Green/Red status is YOUR status, not theirs.

So if I look at a friend’s map and I have run an entire street and he hasn’t, they all show green because I have previously completed them. For example, I have completed Brookside Rd, but he has not (notice the green nodes on top of street that does not have a purple track on it):

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In addition to what @jpbari mentioned, there is a cache that can delay the percentage displays. I’ve got this on my list of fixes.

Thank you, I have just compared logins side by side with them and its exactly that.