What is a region?


What is a region? Says I have completed 6 of them but I don’t know what they are. Are they states?

The 6 kind of makes sense asI have run in 5 states in Australia and also a few runs in India, but I have run in more than 1 state in India.

Just want clarification.


You seein your city list e.g. Jaipur, Rajastan. The sscond part is the region.

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Thanks, was on the right track. It must be how India and OSM define regions.

Uttar Pradesh, (Delhi) and Uttarakhand, (Rishikesh) don’t count as regions.

No, that’s not the problem. If I scan your list 359 cities in progress, they are all in Australia, except Jaipur. Your run in Delhi (actually spans two “cities” in CWS, North Delhi and North West Delhi) is not listed because the streets you ran don’t have any name in OSM, so they cannot be imported to CS. See Relation: ‪Rohini‬ (‪3509673‬) | OpenStreetMap. Only very few streets have names. Same thing for your run in Rishikesh, no street names, and then Rishikesh isn’t even visible at all as a city in CS.
But just for fun, I compared your Delhi run to Google Maps and found that a couple of those streets do have names there, so I added these names to OSM, so maybe they will eventually appear in CS as well :slight_smile:


A follow up question to @JamesChevalier: When I look at North Delhi in CS https://citystrides.com/cities/85121
It says " Update from OSM 2019-09-11" and " Nobody is running North Delhi". Very long since update, is that because noone is running, so updates are not done? Will the next import discover that Nathan has run there, and make a fresh update?

Yeah, on its own right now the system will not update cities that are not being run. So if a city is not being run because it needs an update, then that is something I have to fix manually.

I just manually ran the update for North Delhi, so that should fix things to bring in runners.

Great, can you also add North West Delhi https://citystrides.com/cities/85146