What about restricted streets with nodes

Hello, I have just completed my streets for Amarillo Texas. There are some nodes on my map that I am unable to complete:

  1. Reba Circle - Family owned private street behind secure gates - no entry allowed.
  2. Sarazen Plaza - the street ends where I stopped, and a actual home where the street continues.
  3. Fox Street -a Restricted road owned by the City of Amarillo and leads into the International Airport.
  4. Alert Dr. - Also restricted, same as above.
  5. Charlie St. - Another Restricted Street owned by the Nuclear Company - Pantex.
  6. Ave A - Restricted Street owned by Bell Helicopter.
  7. 13th & 5th Streets - Both streets are Restricted and run into Avenue A (above).

Your assistance with removing these nodes will show that I’m 100% complete with Amarillo. I enjoy this website and look forward to my daily runs while using it. I wish you had an app.

Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Eligio Garcia

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Hi @pilonguis55 and welcome to CityStrides! Nice work on completing the streets of Amarillo (by mornin’, up from San Antone :musical_note: )

Check out this wiki page about the node data to get a general idea of how the data works overall. Specifically check out the section about “Capturing Inaccessible Nodes”.

The main two options you have are to 1) Update the streets in OSM (if the nodes are actually incorrect), or 2) manually mark them as complete.

Manual completion seems like the best option here. Search Amarillo, Texas in Cities, then search streets, then select the “Mark as manually complete” button.




In addition to the good info from from Dave, sounds like many need to be tagged as private… Which is done in OSM.

Here’s a post on the subject: OSM question about gated private roads

It goes into a little more detail about the edit required (splitting ways and changing tags).

Sarazen was just a road (way) edit, and the change is obvious from the aerial map, so I did it. See: OpenStreetMap (it might take a while for the actual change to propagate in OSM, and a little longer for CS… roughly a month from the last update date listed on the CS page.)

Oh, I see the gate on Reba, so I added that and made the road after the gate private.

I see the gate on Fox too. So fixed that.

Same for Alert, so fixed that.

The last 3, Ave A, 13th and 5th, I don’t see gates, so don’t feel comfortable changing. If you can shed more light on that area, i.e. where the gates are, I should be able to help. Or take a shot at it yourself. As a bon-a-fide Strider, I’m sure you’ll find more edits. :slight_smile:

Welcome and congrats on Amarillo. 1870 streets (1201.52 miles) is an impressive city to complete.

PS. Just noticed Amarillo was last updated 2022-08-01, so if you are quick, you might get the changes in before the next update. That’s kinda why I jumped on those changes I did.


Update: I can see some of the gates on Google Street View, so added them and made the parts after the gate private. You’ll still need to run up to the gate, unless the gate is within 25m (see: Making them Count) of the road you were on, or if you really want to know you’ve run on everything you can.

Oh, and 5th is really 17th. Fixed that too!

Need to wait for the update to see if I got them all. Oh, about OSM updates and manually completed streets. After a city is updated (in CS), Striders are reprocessed, and if a street is now complete, the “manually updated” will be removed.

PS. Found a street with a missing name, in OSM, so looking at your life map, you have at least one more to run. :grin: Hint: John Stiff looks like a nice park.

Oh, and in that area, by the airport, many “streets” are really “avenues” per the official Amarillo map : ArcGIS Web Application

So fixed that too.

Congrats, @pilonguis55 (Eligio), I see you are now 100% of Amarillo, Texas - CityStrides. At 1863 streets, that’s a very good Stride!

PS. How long did that take?

Hi Eric,

The Amarillo city strides took me a little over two years to complete.

I have just completed The Colony streets and there are some streets that need to be updated, as they are outside the city limits, these streets are the following:










Isle of Skye


Also, Harrison Plaza is gated and restricted property.

This has taken me about three years to complete. My son in law lives here and he completed his city strides last year and introduced me to this website. We both enjoy this website very much. Would Iike to know if you are planning an app for this as it would be beneficial.

Thank you so kindly for your assistance.


Eligio Garcia

Hello Eligio, I just got back from a brief trip to Florida (I live in Texas).

I’ll take a look, and see what I can do, but you (or your SIL) can also do the edits.

All the info is in the wiki:

And this explains how it is used:

I’ll let you know if I look into it, but I’ve got some catching up to do first.