Welcome to the Community (Roadmap updated 2024-1-29)

This forum is a worldwide community of runners participating in CityStrides. There are a few categories set up for us:

  • Announcements - This is where new features, enhancements, and updates to CityStrides are announced
  • Ideas - This is where you can share your thoughts on how CityStrides can be improved
  • Support - This is where I can help you with any problems/questions you have
  • Wiki - This is a community-maintained knowledge base for all things CityStrides.
  • General - This is where general conversations are

Please Do This To Make Support Easier :smile:

First, grab your Profile link:

  • Visit https://citystrides.com
  • Open the top right menu and click Profile
  • Copy the URL in the browser’s address for for the page that this brings you to

Then, add it here in the forum:

  • Click your face here in the forum in the top :point_up: right :point_right: menu
  • Click your name in the menu that opens up
  • Click Preferences in the other menu that opens up
  • Click Profile in the left menu
  • Paste your link into the CityStrides Profile Link field
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the Save Changes button

Roadmap (updated 2024-1-29)

Here’s a short post with a few of my larger ongoing efforts, to give you all a sense of what I’m focusing on right now. I keep this post somewhat updated :sweat_smile: in place as the roadmap changes. I also include an update on these projects in the monthly newsletter - you can sign up for that at the bottom of any page in the main CityStrides website.

Club / Crew / Group / Team

Details on the idea are in Club / Crew / Group / Team
The core idea is that people can create/join a group in order to cooperatively complete cities together, compete against each other while completing the cities, and compete against other Crews.
I’m doing some data tests now, and will be moving onto UI work if that all works out.


The conversation on the idea is in Badges for milestones
This is basically finished, outside of the addition of more badges to earn. Each badge requires some design work, so I’m pretty slow at rolling these out.
If you have badge ideas, please comment in that thread.