Weird Percentage Calculations

Happened on a weird bug while running on vacation. It seems like completion percentages are not properly updating on city updates some places. Take this city as an example. I can in the leaderboard both see people with 1.64% and 1.61% completion, even though the city only has 186 streets. Thus, it is not possible to have both these percentages and 1.61% would be the right one. Strangely enough, the leaderboard says that all of these people share 2nd place (is this based on number of streets?).

Yes, seen the same happen in the city of Wijchen with 0.9% and 0.89%
Wijchen, Gelderland - CityStrides

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:thinking: I suspect this is around the city update process … That the calculations are done based on certain numbers that get updated later on.

Yeah, your place is based on the number of streets completed.

The city I linked seems to have update yesterday, but the percentages did not change. Are the percentage updates perhaps limited only to when the update changes the number of completed streets for the user ?