Walks being shown on map

I am trying to RUN all the streets in my community, but my walking activities are also being shown on the map. Which, sort of defeats the purpose. Can you let me know if there is a way to address this? I am using Strava to upload to CityStrides. Thanks!

Currently, both walking and running activities are brought into CityStrides. That’s an intended feature.

I’ll figure out if it’s possible to have this configurable in Settings…

Hmm ,now a few years into running cities here, it WOULD be interesting to see how my lifemap looks when no walks would be in there, I guess i need to run again here and there.:grinning:

Good point. There are two pieces to this:

  • Display: showing/hiding running and walking activities on the map
  • Progress: counting only running/walking activities when determining street & city progression

There are a lot of similarities to another request that’s been going around for limiting activities against time (only this year, between two dates, etc).

Maybe in different colors? Would hiking be a third type?

Thank you, Eric

awakening the walk/run thread:

I don’t want to have walks mapping my streets completion. Would it be possible to have CS without walks?
One option for me is completely going to mapmyrun, since i only use it to upload the CS runs since a month now.
To get rid of the history of walks in CS, I needed to kill the Strava connection and transfer only my prefered runs I want to map on CS to mapmyrun.

What would be an argument to not kill strava and go all the way to mapmyrun? Would every street needed to be recalculated?

Is there another way to get rid of walks? i guess recalculating all history to exact the same result is quite heavy

I even could create a complete new user, only connecting to mapmyrun and have only dedicated runs there.

Thoughts anyone? @JamesChevalier?

On the other hand, I like the fact that City Strides has both walks and runs. I’m busy running the city I live in, but am also walking the city I work in at lunch time.

Two colors would be OK, but not deleting one activity.

As for hiking, the problem i have with that idea is that my hiking is not on roads but on trails. Unless and until City Strides adds trails to the site there’s no reason to worry about hikes. And given how many trails aren’t on Open Street Map, it’s going to be a while before we have trails.


I’m perfectly happy with the way things are. I admit it would be interesting to see how each trace was accomplished, i.e. walk, run, hike, etc. But I often run, and break down to a walk. However, my wife and I also walk, and we walk where nodes need to be collected. :slight_smile:

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I guess i shouldn’t have posted this here, my actual question is: can I change my upload connection completely to MMR and kill the connection to strava since I (and me personally) want a clean overview of my dedicated runs concerning citystrides.

Does this need complete recalculation of my complete histroy once i kill the strava part, or can i better start over with MMR as only source on a new account?

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