Wait time for Strava Sync?

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I’m quite new here, just joined last week, so my apologies if this has been answered somewhere else.

I’m a supporter, and I’m wondering how long is normal to wait for Strava activities to sync? When I signed up, all my historical runs synced within 24 hours. And then new activities on subsequent days synced within a few hours of the activity.

But now, I have a run from 26 hours ago, and a walk from about 20 hours ago, that still hasn’t synced. Is this normal?

I think a bunch of us are in the same boat. My run that finished around noon imported but my run from 24 hours ago has not.

I had a three day backlog yesterday, but I’m all caught up today. :slight_smile:

I’m missing my last 3 runs. Nothing has imported since 4/9

Its mostly tied to the Strava API issue. Lots of new users and lots of demand but the site is sort of throttled by the API limit. I’ve found the weekend is a hotbed recently so I usually don’t expect to see those activities until Monday or so. I’m fine with being patient as its exciting seeing the site grow so much.

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But the wierd thing is, my Strava status is showing four (4) activities scheduled. At this point, it should only be one. Previous three are showing on the main page for me, with street counts.

I think what confuses me the most is how syncs are prioritized. I’ve read other posts on here that say that supporters get priority syncing. I’m a supporter, and my activities haven’t synced in close to 2 days. So does that mean no non-supporters have had any activities synced in the past 2 days either? That doesn’t seem plausible.

Also, this morning and throughout the day when I checked, there were over 200,000 activities queued. I just refreshed now and it says 117,936. That’s an 80,000 difference, but there’s only enough APIs for ~15,000 per day. That makes no sense?


It does look like there is some issue with how the activities to be imported are counted. I’ve seen the numbers drop from 240,000 to 70,000 to 15,000 and then back up to 25,000, all while only a few hundred API calls show having been used. Me thinks something weird is happening somewhere.

Edit: back up to 200k now. I doubt 175,000 users all just finished a run in the last half hour.

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I use Strava and haven’t been able to see my Lifemap for like 4-5 days now. It is just blank. Is this related to the sync issues too? Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks!

Also a supporter and missing my runs from the past 48 hours. I think more and more people are finding out about this site (cool!) and are running more because of the current social distancing situation.

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@JamesChevalier has posted elsewhere that monitoring the actual queue numbers on the status page is a bit difficult because of the way he has to manage the queue to be the most efficient, so there is a programming/submission reason for the wild swings and seemingly out-of-date appearance of those numbers

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I have a running buddy who is a non-supporter who runs almost every day and his last run to sync to CS is Apr 2, so It think it is not just possible, but likely that non-supporters have not had a run sync in the last 2 days.

There are also some programming things that go way over my head and pay grade as just an active user of the site that are at play in the prioritization (webhooks?)

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The math doesn’t add up though. According to the Supporters page, there are currently 1103 supporters. Let’s pretend that 100% of those are Strava connected accounts. The API allows ~15,000 activities per day. So unless each supporter is syncing 13+ activities every day, there’s no way that all the APIs are taken up by supporters. Which means there must be non-supporters getting synced before supporters.

Update on my activities: Still have not synced, and now the waiting activities have disappeared from the Status page and doesn’t say I have anything waiting scheduled to sync.

I don’t have any inside info, but there are a few things I have read about on here that could be going on.

First, it is not required that when you become a supporter that you show up on that page - you can opt in/out of being listed publicly as a supporter.

Also, @JamesChevalier has written elsewhere about the difficulties of the status page being accurate, because the queue has to be programmed to match Strava API required methods and to efficiently use as many of his daily calls as possible, which doesn’t translate into an easy way to publicly display the status as accurately as we as users might like. He has also talked briefly about how because of the “webhooks” method Strava requires, it sometimes results it out-of-order syncing of activities.


James replied to another post very recently: