Viewing % complete within timeframe

Hi friends,
Is there a way to see what my completion % is in a given city within a certain timeframe?
I can filter the time (and that results in what streets are marked complete) but I’m not seeing a change in the completion percentage. Just the map view.

For reference: I’m trying to run all the streets in my town (27510) in this calendar year, but I’m having trouble seeing the filtered (Jan 1 through today) percentage.

Thanks for your help with my newbie Q and apologies if this has been asked / answered, but I could not find it.
Maybe the answer is right there on the screen but I’m just not seeing it!

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I created a challenge for my own city and back dated the start date so I could see how I have done in a year or will do in 2024, i believe you need to be a subsriber though.

Yeah, Mark’s got it.

I created Challenges for this exact reason.
The Challenge page automatically filters your LifeMap to the timeframe set on the Challenge, as well. So you should be able to use the Challenge page in the same way you’d use your view of the city page (as it’s linked from your profile page) to work through your incomplete/complete street lists etc.
Let me know if some aspect of this doesn’t work for you or could be improved, though.

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Brilliant. Thanks, y’all! I should have checked the challenged. I’m a sub so all set!