Very old and untouched Runkeeper accounts

Recently, I have noticed Runkeeper’s API responding to requests for certain user’s data with an empty string and a 401 status code (Unauthorized). I reached out to their support team, and they quickly replied to explain why this might be happening…

If there had not been any activity on the Runkeeper accounts for more than two years, including logins/activity tracking, the account has likely been deleted. This has been done in compliance with our ASICS Privacy Policy and is to ensure appropriate data retention for all users.

If you have users reaching out to your team I would recommend that they try to log into their Runkeeper account. Then, if they have difficulty logging in they can reach out directly to us at [redacted email address, but it’s exactly what you think it is] and we can take a closer look to try to confirm this would be the case for them.

Since Runkeeper does not have an alerting system, CityStrides is not aware of this account deletion. This means that your data will remain in CityStrides until/if you manually delete it.