Using CityStrides whenever I'm out walking

Hi! I’m currently looking for a way that I can always track my walks without having to manual click a button in a app like Strava.

I’d love to try and cover the whole of Copenhagen, but it’s a bit of a pain to me having to figure out whenever I’m walking or just a quick trip. Would there be a app that would suit my needs and does it require a smart watch? If so what smart watch on a budget is recommended?

You’d need some sort of smart device (watch, phone, etc) that can record activities with GPS points. The GPS points are what are used to track where you have been. The activities are uploaded from your smart device to your chosen exercise tracking platform (ex: Strava, Garmin, RunKeeper, MapMyRun). CityStrides then pulls the GPS data from the exercise tracking platform and compares against streets. In addition you would need to click start and stop on your smart device to record an activity and set it to sync with a tracking platform; usually this done via Bluetooth with a phone. I don’t know of any device or app that can track you at all times and automate the entire process without you having to do some of the work.

Personally I use a Garmin Forerunner 35. It’s considered fairly barebones when it comes to smart watch features but I only need it to record my runs and it has done that without fail for years. It’s on the low end of the price scale as well.

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I would highly reccomend a GPS watch. Phones are not always very accurate.
And you need accuracy to get all the nodes of the streets.

I sometimes record my runs on both my phone and my Garmin, and sometimes the phone will go crazy, but watch will stay accurate.

And it loooks so much nicer on the map when the lines follow the streets :slightly_smiling_face: