Upload gpx to strava in the past and delete it later

Where to start with this…

I am planning my runs to finish the cities and towns in my region in strava or gpsies. Therefore i planned a route in gspies.com. To see this planned ronte during the run i download the gpx to my desktop and upload it to strava so i can then convert it to a route.

Now since i download the gpx into strava, immediatley the unrun nodes are tagged green and it seems i have finished the streets i actually planned doing years ago instead of yesterday…

My question is: as i delete the route in strava and in citystrides, will the streets i complete in a more recent (and actually a realtime) run be updated to the actual run of completeness? now i see in a finished street from yesterday a date of completeness from the old, not run, non existent gps track.

Maybe more of a nice to have, but maybe it’s not to big a problem to recalculate the completeness of streets when a gps track in citystrides and/or strava is deleted.

I didn’t try this out, but in the above scenario, when i would delete the ‘fictive’ gps track and would not run it, would still the streets being set to complete, stay there, or would they be reset to not complete?

I think deleting old activities in CityStrides will “un-complete” the streets. There may be a timeframe where the site does not reflect that, though, because of caching.

If you want to take the opportunity to test this out, then you can link to the activity that you want deleted and I can walk through the entire process manually.

Ok, clear. So let’s wait another 24 hours to see the updated completeness of streets. Should work tomorrow or so I guess. Thanks for the fast reaction

Update on this one here. The run mentioned above was a virtual run that was temporary uploaded to strava and soon after uploading deleted. The street that were ‘completed’ with that one are still showing completion date of a non existing gpx. The actual run that has done the actual completeness is still not changed on the connected completions of steeets for that run.

I also had some mapping trouble with the run from this morning. When I saw this in strava (so the run is already in citystrides) I uploaded the GPS to runkeeper, adjusted the run to the actual streets I did run and deleted the old run and uploaded the adjusted run to strava. The streets that I did bring to completenss this morning are not updated to this newest run. Some are on manual or on runs when I passed one of the nodes of that street in the past.

Is this a correct behavior of the DB as you want it James? Or is it possible to make deleting a run, is setting the completed streets back to ‘not complete’ /in progress. Them later the most recent run would reflect the correct completions.

Quite a scenario, but actually one that happened for me on several occasions, sadly