Updated streets/maps delay

Am I understanding it correctly that I shouldn’t expect my streets and LifeMap to be updated for 60 days after I complete a run? It previously was a 1-2 day delay. Did Strava/Garmin recently change their limit?

Read here

I did read that. That’s what prompted my question in the first place regarding the 60 days. I was trying to clarify whether I understood that post correctly that it will take 60 days for my runs to upload.

It’s not a static delay, and I can’t say for certain what the exact delay is, but yes - historic activities are quite delayed and will be until I can finish up this Garmin integration and contact people about it and wait for them to reconnect their accounts.
Lots of work to do!


The limitation has nothing to do with Garmin. Everyone who links to City Strides through Strava is subject to the same limitations. The site is currently working on setting up direct connections to Garmin, which will allow everyone with a Garmin to sync quickly, and MAY seriously reduce the Strava backlog so that users of other devices will be able to continue on using Strava.


Hi James, even my new activities are not posting. I noticed you noted only historic being delayed.