Updated activies don't re-sync?

Some of my old activities in Runkeeper had GPS drift issues that never bothered me until I joined CityStrides and they were completing nodes for roads that I haven’t actually run yet. :slight_smile:

So I took a few minutes earlier the week and went through and edited the maps for a few old activities to clean them up and put them back on actual streets. The updates haven’t sync’d into CityStrides yet, although new runs that I’ve done in the meantime are syncing correctly after about a day. Do I need to do anything to the activities on here to get them to re-sync including the updates?

Yeah, there’s no update process. I’ve done the same thing you have in the past… I deleted the activity in CityStrides & the next sync brought in the updated data.

I think the delete option is hidden from the public - if it is, share the link to the activity/activities that were fixed up and need to be deleted/resynched. I can help you out with that.

I don’t seem to have a delete option for activities, nope. I’ll send you a list of activities, but there’s about 20 of them, you don’t have to take up your time going through them, I understand that keeping up the site is a lot of work already!

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