Union Turnpike of New York, NY

Is Union Turnpike of New York, NY flagged as a non-street for some reason? It is a major road in the borough of Queens and may have a few nodes unreachable under normal circumstances but the entire street may be completed with the 90% rule. However, while I can see it on the map, labeled as such, it doesn’t seem to exist when searched for.

A while back I went through and deleted large amounts of data that matched “bad” names, like church/park/interstate/railroad/etc. It’s possible that “turnpike” was included here…

Is Union Turnpike a highway, like it sounds?

No, it is not a highway. It is mostly a two-way avenue, with most sections having two driving lanes and one parking lane. In some places there are no parking lanes, just three driving lanes per direction. I thought I knocked off a few nodes today with Activity # 2138347 this morning but it does not appear at all in the Progressed street list.