Unable to view other striders lifemap

My brothers and I make our routes based on what each other has not run. Unfortunately, one of our maps is not visible but the others. He has checked his permissions and should be setup as Public. Is there something else he needs to modify in order for us to view what he has and has not run?

Is that Phillip and Greg? I’m able to see all 3 of your lifemaps… maybe is a cache issue?

Good thought. Clearing browser’s cache might help.

Incognito let me see the lifemap, how bizarre. Not behavior I would have expected.

I’ll work on clearing cache and such, but at least for the time being I have a work around. Feel pretty silly for not thinking of that to begin with.

Thank you both.


Public/private is the first thing I’d look at. If they’re public, then it should all just work but there’s also a different data delivery for supporters/non-supporters.

Sometimes there’s too much data to display for the non-supporter version - so older browsers/devices can conk out e.g. with 1k+ activities (I don’t know the actual upper limit; it’s different for all devices)

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