Unable to delete Routes

Hi !
Since yesterday, I cannot delete my existing Routes anymore. I’ve tried with Safari, Chrome, and even with my smartphone (mobile Safari) : I cannot find the “DELETE” button, where it was before. Am I missing something ?


My profile link :

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When you open a route, click the three dots to the right of its name

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The ellipsis selection yields and empty field, this is also the case when trying to delete activities.


I would verify that the Profile link in the top right menu takes you to the same profile page that the button in your screenshot takes you to. That menu won’t show you download/edit/delete options if you don’t have permission to take those actions.

Ah - I need to edit the menu display in the user cards … I’ll have to hide the menu if there’s no contents.
That screenshot is not the route menu, it’s the user menu. If you look further up the page you’ll see the menu that exists for the route. In this screenshot, next to the route’s name & above the “Publicly Visible” text:

Thanks James - subtle changes are difficult see sometimes. Why take away the red delete button?

Mainly to improve continuity & design…

I’ve rearranged all (most? maybe I missed something?) pages to revolve around this vertical three dot menu system. So, while it’s different from what it was it’s all very consistent now.

Those red buttons were ugly and stuck out in a bad way.

Thank you so much @hans1.
It was an obvious change … but I had missed it !
It works fine for me.