Twitter integration stopped working?

I can’t remember if I had already turned on Twitter integration, but currently if I click Connect under Integrations, I get “Not found. Authentication passthru.” (URL


Oops! Thanks for reporting this - let me know if that works now. :grimacing:

Update: I had a bug in my fixed version :sweat_smile: that should be resolved now.

Hmm no, same message I’m afraid. I tried in a different browser (Firefox) as well (Runkeeper wouldn’t let me log in using a Chrome incognito window, for some reason…)

Thanks for your patience! I was missing a small piece of the connection in my last attempts. I’ve tested that it works properly for me on my own machihne, so that should translate to the live site.
… Famous last words, and all that … :sweat_smile:

YAY, it works!!! Thank you, James!

BTW, I blogged about finishing Northampton a while ago: CityStrides – 100% of Northampton! – Keep On Going - although I’m back down to 99-something after the most recent OSM update!


That was a great post, thanks for writing & sharing.

There are pros/cons to the fact that CityStrides now updates from OpenStreetMap. I do think the pros far out weight the cons, but it can be difficult to mentally grapple with the fact that ‘Every Single Street’ is not a one-time goal & more of a forever project.


I love the forever project. I used to wonder what I will do when I’m done with my city (in the distant future…) and so far the answer seems to be go back to roads without nodes and make sure they don’t have a name that just isn’t in OSM. I think CityStrides has made me a more useful contributor to OSM in that way, and all the areas I’m running even on vacation/weekend trips get updates. There are a lot of rural areas of Portugal with basically nothing on OSM, but there are public GIS resources on municipal websites that complement what I see out in the wild when I get to work editing. Then it’s just the waiting game to see them get updated on CS!

Thanks for that post and the write up. I can really get the drive behind it, as it is so similar to my CS history.

But especially i LOVE the link to the mcmansion. As husband of an architect i got a little bit of insight in building and good architecture/taste, and this is just plain internet/architect candy.

Yes I also really liked the blog post, and relate to a lot of it including using municipal bike systems to aid in shortening runs to complete far-flung streets!