Trying to switch from Strava to Runkeeper

With Strava being so backed up (less than half my activities have loaded in two weeks, and it’s slowed down to about 10 a day now!), I thought I’d try Runkeeper instead, as I happen to have Runkeeper synced up with my Garmin connect, even though I’ve never really used it.

Since adding my Runkeeper account, the number of activities uploaded has frozen altogether - it seems nothing is coming through from Runkeeper or Strava anymore.

I’ve tried pausing Strava to see if that helps, but doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Any ideas?

There are some delays in processing in CS in general at the moment due the influx of users the last couple of months as well as unexpected activity like lots of activity deletion. Likely everything will come through, but just take time.

At this point the best advice is to use an source other than Strava if you can. Strava limits the number of activities that can be downloaded from them daily and the backlog is days and days long at this point. By pausing it you remove the activities from the queue and help those that have no alternative source.

Have you run a new activity since switching to syncing with RunKeeper? @JamesChevalier - does RunKeep do historical syncing?

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I notice that it’s pretty straightforward to bulk download all your activities as GPX files from Strava (though some come out zipped and some as .fit for reasons I’ve not worked out yet).
Is there could there be any option to directly upload runs from GPX into CS, and avoid waiting around on 3rd party APIs?

Yeah the Strava backlog is quite large. Right now, I’m seeing issues with the Runkeeper API that I’m still looking into.

If you’re a Garmin user, this is your best path: New: Garmin Integration -- Available To EVERYONE

I’ll be opening it up to all users soon, I just have to do some more history sync testing.

I assume that the Runkeeper API issues is why none of my May activities from Runkeeper have been imported? Here’s my profile page (missing activities from May 2 and May 4):

Going forward, I assume you’d prefer me to switch to my Garmin as the primary input device? Before I switch, I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions:

  1. If I don’t pause Runkeeper and have Garmin integration, does that either create issues for you on the back end or duplicate activities?
  2. If I record an activity on my Garmin that includes errant GPS (I live near tall buildings, so it happens from time to time), is there any way to correct this in CS? My current method is to edit the activity in Runkeeper to the correct route prior to syncing.
  3. Regarding Runkeeper, if I edit an old activity (say, from May 2017) to correct the map because of faulty GPS data, does that get automatically synced up with CS once the Runkeeper syncing is done? Based on perusing this forum, I assume that it would based on how Runkeeper data is synced, but before I start editing dozens of “bad” data, I wanted to confirm.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Does not create an issue with duplicate activities as start times for activities are compared and if they are the same, the duplicate activity is ignored. It would be redundant if Runkeeper is just pulling activities from Garmin (except for your edits).
  2. There is no way to edit imported traces in CS. You can mark streets as manually complete if it missed them, but not unmark roads a GPS trace may have errantly picked up.
  3. Good question for @JamesChevalier, but I’m not sure it would get reimported since the start time would remain unchanged and it might get discarded as a duplicate activity.

One reasonable approach is to just use Garmin for CS importing. Keep using RunKeeper for whatever purpose you enjoy it for. If you have an errant activity, load it from Garmin to RunKeeper, edit it as you do in RunKeeper, delete the old version from Garmin and CS, download the activity from RunKeeper, upload that into Garmin, and that’ll automatically bring it into CS.

Hope this helps!

I don’t think I have de-duplication checks on the Runkeeper side, so the only way you would not have duplicate activities is if the activity arrived via Runkeeper first … which is extremely unlikely on the best of Runkeeper’s days. Runkeeper only syncs daily, whereas Garmin alerts of every activity as they’re saved.
It would affect the overall load of CityStrides usage of the Runkeeper API as well. So if I’m starting to hit limits there (though it’s extremely unlikely that I won’t be able to work around this limit, if that’s the case - based on what I think is going on right now) then your non-paused Runkeeper connection would be problematic.

You’d have to edit the activity in Garmin, then delete the activity in CityStrides & sync your account. That last step isn’t actually possible just yet. I will need to do further work, branching off the historic syncing, to enable that.

If you edit an old activity, you will need to delete that activity in CityStrides and then allow it to re-sync. It will re-sync, though. The Runkeeper setup is that it does a full account sync once per day for all accounts. They don’t have webhooks, so there is no per-activity syncing.

Thanks very much for the response (and @tkajstura, thanks for your help as well).

Sounds like the best approach (especially given the Runkeeper API issues) is to pause Runkeeper updates (once it’s up-to-date, since Garmin only works on a go-forward basis) and switch to Garmin.

As for editing activities, it looks like it will require editing with Runkeeper, deleting relevant activities from CS, and then re-sync using Runkeeper. Then, if Runkeeper has added duplicate activities that were already imported with Garmin, delete the duplicates. (At least until more functionality gets brought back online.)

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