Trails Showing As Streets

I’m finding in the region I’m in, many trails showing as streets to complete. Here’s one of many examples:

In openstreetmap, it shows as ‘Track/Land-Access Road’, but in reality is more of a trail. In any case, should not be treated as a street in Citystrides. Is there an easy fix for these or what needs to change in Open Street Map for them to not show in citystrides?

Thank you

:link: Colin Brander - CityStrides

I’m not an OpenStreetmaps expert, but if it’s not a FSR or service road, you can simply go here: OpenStreetMap

and select the trails (there are two separate sections). I would change them to “path”, and set surface to “earth”, is what I typically do. I see they already say “motor vehicles: no”.

Several other trails in the area are “informal path” and surface is “dirt;gravel”, so I imagine you could do things consistently with the other trails.

You might also delete this tag (if it doesn’t happen automatically when you change the line type to “path” or “footpath”)

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Thanks Mitch, I’ll try that witth the trail ones but still not sure what to do what to do with the ones marked as Service Road. Some seem to be in the middle of nowhere and the connecting trails are showing differently.

My belief here is that you go run the trails, and make the call. I find that old FSRs get overgrown and then are certainly no longer reasonably called “FSRs”. If a truck or ATV can’t get through there, it seems accurate to relabel them as paths for biking and hiking only. From a safety point of view, I think accuracy in OpenStreetMaps is important. Do your best!


Thanks Mitch.

Yeah, I ran a trail in the District of North Vancouver last week that apparently was an access road and wondered how a vehicle could make it down it.

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