Traffic Overload Issue?

I’m getting to the following message when I try to access the main CS page:

I had the same issue last night when I tried to access the page. Is it an issue on my end or is there an issue with the server?

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It’s me / the server. The newly increased Strava API limit means lots more data flowing through the system, and it turns out it’s not sized appropriately for the new load.


I think the database is under-provisioned. I’m seeing very large Disk Queue Depth numbers. It seems to be tied to instances of lots of data creation, which lines up with the fact that over 250k activities have been imported in the last couple days. :flushed: :sweat_smile:

I’m unsure if this Disk Queue Depth issue is only tied to the IOPS performance or if the size of the instance itself is playing a role.

Thanks for your patience!


I guess this a sign of success. Over the years have had to continually rethink/rework efficiency of data processing on Power of 10 and which record everything that happens in UK athletics and running races including parkruns (well when we can). To think I started doing that by hand, moved to a text file, then Excel, Access and eventually to SQL Server.

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