Tracking down old run data

First post here so I apologize if this is not in the right place.

I did search and could not find this addressed.

I would love to find my data from 2007-2008 when I did my first 4 marathons. I had a Garmin watch (235 I think) but I think I was just uploading the data to my PC so that data is probably lost to the ages.

Still, I thought I would ask here to see if anyone knows of where I might have been saving the data online and just not be remembering.

Related idea is what places have existed since around 2006 for running data?

I know I have used Garmin, Strava, Endomondo, but I am not sure what else I might have used over the last couple of decades. I think I had a Suunto and a Polar for a while and several Fitbits.

To make it easier to see what data I am missing, I would like to download my data from CS. All I really need is date and miles and I can look for the gaps much easier than scrolling through the over 1000 entries I have.

Any ideas appreciated.

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Unfortunately, Garmin severely limits the amount of data available via its API. They only allow access to data going back 5 years from the date that you connect the service (so it’s a rolling limit in that new users today can get data going back to 2018 … but next year, users new to CityStrides will only be able to get data going back to 2019). I wrote a bit about it in Where are my older Garmin activities?

I kind of buried part of my question and that is whether there is a way to get an extract of some data from CityStrides. I would like to be able to just look at the date and mileage in Excel and group by month and see what data is there and where i have gaps that I might have stored with another account. If I can track down what data is missing, I can start to look into importing it to another service.


One of the supporter features is an extra stats tab - mine looks like this:

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That’s what I was looking for. (I am signing up as a supporter as soon as I get a job)