Total number of street ran is going down?

I noticed that the number of streets ran on my profile has gone down. Last week I had 1269 streets in total. This week I ran a couple more and now I have a total of 1241. I do see that some recalculations are being done so every now and then, but it does feel a bit weird.

Presumably there were changes in OSM which affected those “missing” streets. Examples could be streets now marked as Private, names removed/consolidated/fixed.

For instance I have completed “TheStreet” but I’ve since completion I have corrected the name to “The Street” in OSM. Once the next OSM sync occurs for my city, I’ll lose one street due to this rename (I haven’t completed all the nodes in CSM for “The Street” yet).

This is just one example. I have cleaned up dozens of streets in my city so expect the next OSM/CS sync will bring a lot of changes to totals.

One thing that the update did was remove nodes (and in some cases, streets) from outside the city limits. While newer cities in City Strides did not include nodes outside of the city, the older cities did.

So if you ran a street that was not in inside the city, you got credit for that street prior to the update. After the update, the street no longer exists, so you no longer got credit for it.

Additionally, if the street had been extended between the time it was brought into CS, you might not have run the newer part of the street. Remember that a street may not be contiguous. The way that CS defines a street is that it’s every node in a city with the same street name. If The Powers That Be created another section with the same name, you might not even know it was out there when you completed the section of the street that you ran.

Obviously there could be other explanations (including bugs in the code), but these are two legitimate reasons you could be loosing completed streets.

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The query that imports streets from OSM has evolved over time as well. Early imports included some bus stops and other non-street objects. The update will have removed these, lowering both the total number of streets in the city, as well as your completed count if applicable


Thanks for these answers. It does clarify to some extend.

There is still one thing I don’t (yet) get and that is why the total number of streets ran shown on my profile, deviates from the number on my completed streets page. Maybe those will sync over time?
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