Syncing from mapmyfitness

Have just set up a mapmyfitness account to ease the strava pressure. Seems to have linked to MMF ok. But have two questions:

  1. Do I need to unlink strava now to avoid CS trying to pull activities from both mapmyfitness and strava? And if so, how do I do this as can’t figure it out. Just seems to have linked both systems. Also don’t want to lose my whole history which is already in the system through strava up to a week ago.

  2. How do you get activities to be imported from MMF? Should it just happen automatically? As mentioned above I have a week of activities stuck in the system with strava so want to get these in through MMF and then use that way going forward to ease strava situation.

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Ok think I’ve found the answer to 1 in a previous post - essentially don’t delete Strava as it will wipe my history. Although I assume that will mean going forwards my strava feed will continue to add to the numbers of activities due to be pulled through which isn’t ideal if MMF works.

Still not sure how MMF works though and whether I need to somehow manually import missing activities.

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I had the same thought if there is a direct link to Garmin Connect set up… All my runs go
Garmin watch to Garmin Connect to Strava, to CityStrides.

So if there is a link that cuts out Strava will i need to remove the Strava link add the Garmin one and the load the whole history again?

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I think I saw on another thread that @JamesChevalier is planning on implementing a turn sync on/off for Strava so that it would just stop the syncing, but not remove history. I haven’t turned on auto-sync from Garmin to MMF, but I did add my weekend runs in manually by uploading the gpx files into MMF because I needed to create some new routes and wanted to have the lifemap up to date.