20 Scheduled Activities Pending

I have 20 activities scheduled, but pending. I don’t think this has ever happened to me before. Am I doing something wrong?

Nope. Strava syncing is insane right now, because of their low API limits.
If you’re a Garmin user, this will help you: New: Garmin Integration -- Available To EVERYONE

Hi @JamesChevalier i connected MapMyFitness & RunKeeper and the last 2 days (a 12 miler and a half marathon) did not come over either.

I’m finally in a financial position to become a supporter. Will that solve the issues that I have been having? What level supporter do I need to be?

That is strange. I just started a sync for your MMF & Runkeeper accounts, let’s see how that helps.

Being a Supporter will put your activity syncing into the priority queues, so MMF/Runkeeper should be noticeably faster. Strava syncing is its own beast - new activities should arrive faster for Supporters, but there’s still a general delay.
I’m hoping that the Garmin integration (email going out as soon) will help, overall, by moving the bulk of the workload over to that service - so even non-Garmin Strava users will benefit from that.

As far as which level - it’s all the same access, for whatever you choose to spend. I don’t really have tiered access. It’s a bit more of a “pay what you like” kinda thing.

Thanks @JamesChevalier I just signed up to become a monthly supporter. Glad I can finally pitch in. Love CityStrides!


I switched my sync to Garmin several days ago, and I have runs that are more than 24 hrs old that haven’t synced. So it’s not all Strava I guess

I may be misunderstanding you. Apologies if that’s the case :smile:

  • Historic syncing is coming soon; initial rollout only syncs activities going forward

I’m also working with many people in the announcement post, as some activities aren’t making it into the site. Some of it seems to be me, but I’m also seeing some missed notifications from Garmin (I think).

Hi James. Is the Garmin sync available to everyone or just supporters? I have over a weeks worth of Strava runs waiting to sync but as you have said Strava is slow and massively backlogged right now. Other than becoming a supporter what do we do? Thanks

@lancebarr0203, yes that is correct. It is still in test-mode (you may have noticed in some other threads a few bugs that need further work). The Strava runs will eventually process, but waiting is the only option right now (for Strava).

See this original post, with the following detail.

Quite a few people have commented on using MapMyFitness as a work-around, which you can set-up in addition to Strava. A few comments for more information:

Note that there have been sporadic issues there, however, like what is described this thread

Thank you @davemorin