Sync issues on imported GPX/TPX activity

Garmin watch was on the fritz today for my run so I used my Polar chest strap and app. I’ve uploaded a GPX to Garmin Connect and also uploaded a TPX file to MapMyFitness, but nothing is syncing to CityStrides. I’ve done this in the past, but I don’t recall the magic bullet to get it to work… any tips would be great!

I’ve made the MMF activity Public, logged out of CS and logged in again to CS via MMF and did a SyncNow in CS. Here is my MMF activity: MapMyFitness

Never mind… one of those things that I tried finally worked, but would like to know what actually fixed it so that I don’t have to go thru the trial and error again next time.

On the MapMyFitness page you linked, it shows the text “Completed A Workout (Generic)”

Is that activity type a running/walking type?

I’m guessing that the activity was created as a type that is ignored by internal code…

When importing a GPX file it categorizes it as “Generic”, but I did edit to make it a Run activity. However, when I imported a TPX file (by way of Strava) it automatically categorized as a Run activity, So, I probably need to stick with TPX files and then make it Public?