Sync History Limits?

I’ve searched but unable to find an answer to this question anywhere.

Is there a limit on how far back CityStrides will sync with Strava? I have used Strava since 2013, but I only see data in CityStrides to beginning of 2019. I know there is a lot of places I’ve run that are not showing up.

Is there a way to import or show this past data as well?

Nope, no limit. It seems like there’s some edge case somewhere that causes a sync to just stop. :man_shrugging: I haven’t been able to pin down the exact issue yet, but syncing again will fix it up (I just started another sync for your account).

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Brilliant! Looks like it is all appearing now! Thank you!

Yes I have some old runs that have not synced- here’s one from 5/29/17: