Sync gap over 3 months

I have a gap in my sync between 3rd July to 27th September. I sync through Strava. Data after that time has been syncing. Because this is a 3 month gap, the manual upload feature seems incredibly daunting. Any tips to get the sync to backfill these activities? Thank you

I just started a sync for your account - let’s see how that helps.

Update: If you haven’t visited CityStrides in a while, syncing is stopped for your account. Try logging out & back in again to get syncing started up again.

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Thank you! That worked!


I have the same issue. Gap between May 26 and October 16.


If this sync I just started doesn’t bring activities in soon, please log out of CityStrides then log back in & let me know (do not revoke access from within MapMyFitness - that will delete data here).

@JamesChevalier I haven’t had anything sync since September 2020 :frowning: I’ve tried logging off and on again plus adding ones via sync missing strava activity. Can you help?

Let me know how things look in the next few minutes…

Those have appeared now, thank you.

Hi. I seem to be having the same problem. Sync stopped after July 2020. Thank you for any help you can give.

Rick Smith
default - Sabetha, Kansas