Sydney City / Suburbs

Hey all,

Runner from Sydney, Australia here!

Wondering if there’s way to see percentages/leaderboard for Sydney as a whole city rather than only for its individual suburbs (which are listed as cities on CityStrides)?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Would “The Council of the City of Sydney” be what you were looking for? It covers the Sydney LGA.

Actually ”Council of the city of Sydney”

That LGA is only a small part of Sydney towards its centre. I was hoping to see progress somewhere for Greater Sydney as a whole.

I’m assuming this is the area @nathan.moas is looking for: Relation: ‪Sydney‬ (‪5750005‬) | OpenStreetMap

Although the way CityStrides has it broken down by LGA (30 or so) with their suburbs nested as cities (300+, example) makes the most sense as a way to reasonably track progression.

Hey Sal, yeah that’s the one! I agree, although I’m really interested in having an overall progression/leaderboard as that’s the one I care about more than any individual LGA. :slight_smile: