Sydney City / Suburbs

Hey all,

Runner from Sydney, Australia here!

Wondering if there’s way to see percentages/leaderboard for Sydney as a whole city rather than only for its individual suburbs (which are listed as cities on CityStrides)?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Would “The Council of the City of Sydney” be what you were looking for? It covers the Sydney LGA.

Actually ”Council of the city of Sydney”

That LGA is only a small part of Sydney towards its centre. I was hoping to see progress somewhere for Greater Sydney as a whole.

I’m assuming this is the area @nathan.moas is looking for: Relation: ‪Sydney‬ (‪5750005‬) | OpenStreetMap

Although the way CityStrides has it broken down by LGA (30 or so) with their suburbs nested as cities (300+, example) makes the most sense as a way to reasonably track progression.

Hey Sal, yeah that’s the one! I agree, although I’m really interested in having an overall progression/leaderboard as that’s the one I care about more than any individual LGA. :slight_smile:

I recently added Sydney. It’s huge and I almost kind of sort of regret adding it. There was a pile of data to process, which took a while. It also caused some people to drop a bit in their global standings, because those ignore nested cities.


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For me I’m not checking global standings so can’t comment on that but I am pumped that working away at Sydney can now be seen in overall Sydney progress. Canberra, ACT would be (not quite as) large and unwieldly too but would be fun to see progress against other Canberrans. So Sydneysiders will have fun with that.