Switzerland missing many cities

Where before Switzerland seemed to have one of the most complete maps (including villages :heart_eyes:), now almost all cities/villages have gone “extinct” :cry:

Can you name some cities that are missing in CityStrides?
I’ll search OpenStreetMap for those, and I should be able to get a sense of what admin level is missing. :+1:

I think I figured out what the problem is: In the google docs you’ve got the tab with ‘full country/region list’ where only 8 out of 26 states are listed (you’ve got all 26 of them listed under the ‘region list’ though), of those that aren’t all the towns etc. are missing as well. As far as I can tell without checking every state, they all should have districts at administrative level of 6 and then those contain all the cities/villages/hamlets at level 8.
For example my home state ‘Aargau’ is missing every town (i.e. Aarau, Baden, Lenzburg) and village (i.e. Erlinsbach (AG), Schöftland, Birrwil)
Thanks a lot already for looking into it, and no rush :slight_smile:

I’m Patrick, I’m from Switzerland too. All the cities of the state “Basel-Landschaft” are missing. Thanks for fixing it!