Suunto link

Any chance you’ll be linking to Suunto? I’ve had to revert to using my old Garmin so my runs will upload direct from there. My Suunto uploads to Strava and then … tumbleweeds. Runs on Garmin transfer the same day.
I’ve also attached my Suunto to MapMyRun but it hasn’t loaded previous activity only ones since I linked them😏.

Yeah, I’m working on both Suunto and Polar integrations now.
Please message me directly if you are (or someone reading along is) interested in testing the Suunto connection with me.

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Definitely interested in testing out the Polar integration.

Messaged you @JamesChevalier more than happy to help as a Suunto user - plus I need a reason / motivation to do more running ! So this seems ideal

I think I messaged you direct, more than happy to be a guinea pig with my Suunto - battery life is sooooo much better than my Garmin